Did you know that World Snake Day is Friday July 16th this year? So, why do we celebrate this interesting holiday? In essence, the point of World Snake Day is to increase the awareness about the various species of snakes that are located around the globe. Snakes tend to have a negative connotation with people mainly because people are afraid of them. In most cases, people that are afraid of snakes don’t even know why. Whether or not you are afraid of snakes, they are amazing animals that are incredibly important to the ecosystem.

World Snake Day was created in order to help people learn all about these necessary reptiles, and how much they actually contribute to the world around us. This holiday both celebrates snakes and spreads awareness about what they do, how they live, and why you should not be afraid of most snake species. Snakes are actually one of the oldest creatures that have ever inhabited the Earth. In fact, snakes not only have a prehistoric lineage, but they’re also directly related to dinosaurs! There are nearly 3,500 different species of snakes.

Snakes can thrive in nearly every environment, from the hottest summers in the deserts to the most bitingly cold winters of North America, and any type of water from fresh, to brackish, to the warm salt waters of Australia. They’re amazing pest control and are one of if not the most important consumers of mice and rats. Without snakes, all those pesky rodents would have one less thing to fear and would probably take over the world! (Okay, not really, but snakes are extremely important in keeping a balance to pest populations. That’s why many farmers try not to kill them: Free pest control!)

Snakes and other reptiles are also extremely popular and fascinating pets. If you’re thinking about obtaining a pet snake and are properly prepared for it, then World Snake Day could be a great time to make it happen. As with any other animal, always do as much research and preparations as possible prior to purchasing or adopting any snake as a pet. You can also take advantage of World Snake Day to learn more about snakes and other reptiles. There are so many amazing books, websites, and organizations just waiting to share their serpentine knowledge with the world. There is never a such thing as too much studying!

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