All parents want to give their kids the best party ever, one that they will talk about and remember for years to come, and one that their friends will brag about as well, but how and where should you start? Planning for a birthday can be an overwhelming and daunting task, so we have put together some tips that will hopefully help take the planning process to a new level of fun!

Party Theme

Party themes are a great place to being the birthday planning journey. Themes will help your organize everything from the decorations the invitations and everything in-between. Involve your child in the planning process with a theme that they are interested in, and you will be sure to have a good time together planning things out. Here are some popular themes that kids absolutely love!

  • Pirates
  • Super Heroes
  • Dinosaurs
  • Art Theme
  • Legos
  • Pokemon
  • Princess
  • and yes you guessed it … REPTILES

Every child is unique and their birthday party should be too, from a pretty princess party to a pirate themed event make sure that the party keeps them engaged every step of the way. Make your party a dress up party, or if its a summer water party, make sure the invitation says to bring a swimsuit.

The Guest List:

For the little ones, it’s easier to make a guest list for them, but as they get older, involving them in the creation of the guest list will help them feel like a big kid. Set the mood for the event with a homemade themed invitation so that the guests know what to expect when they arrive and it also gives them an idea of what kind of gift to bring as well.

The Siblings:

The brothers and sisters want to be just as involved and feel like they are a part of this special day too, so involve them in the planning process and if you hire entertainment make sure to mention them so that they get just as much attention. Let the siblings in on elements of the party that will be a surprise and let them help plan and execute the surprise, this will keep them involved in a very special way.


If you are thinking about keeping this part simple, pizza is always a hit at any party but if you want to stay true to your theme get the kids involved in making homemade treats and dishes for the party. Remember that some kids do have allergies so be sure to ask all of the parents to let you know ahead of time before preparing anything so that everyone stays safe and happy.


Age group, attention span and your budget all play a role in determining what the perfect entertainment for your child’s birthday party should be. Younger children such as those that are under four years of age may be frightened or just plain bored by a performance that goes on longer than 45 minutes. Before you write a large check to Clarence the Clown or Bubbles the Balloon Twister …consider the following things first:

  • Is the age group appropriate for the entertainment?
  • Will they keep the kids engages through out the show?
  • Is the entertainment also entertaining for the adult guests too?
  • Is the entertainment out of your budget?
  • Is the entertainment in line with your birthday child’s theme or favorite interests?
  • Does your entertainment offer discounts for military / veteran families?
  • Are they able to set up independently, and will they bring everything they need so that you can focus on your guests?

Location Location:

The location of your party depends on many factors including the weather, not all birthdays can be in the middle of summer or on the perfect day so make sure that your entertainment can accommodate a cool or rainy day, and that your guests can easily get to the location. Make sure that there is room for parking if there will be a lot of guests and that your entertainment has VIP access so that they can get in and out of the venue quickly and easily.

Have Fun!

The most important part about your child’s birthday is making sure that everyone has fun! We understand that planning and executing a party is not the easiest thing but New England Reptile shows offers an experience like no other. A show that engages audiences of all ages from start to finish as well as inclusion of the birthday child within the performance. Our show will not break the bank and we are fully self sufficient giving you more time for your special birthday kid! We offer veteran discounts and we travel all over New England too! Best of all we even have cool downloads like pin the tail on the iguana and birthday party invitations too!

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