You have probably seen that cute little cartoon gecko on television. He’s in a bunch of commercials for a famous insurance company. That cute little cartoon gecko may have even sparked an interest in you buying one. If so, or if you’re planning to buy a gecko for any other reason, it’s important that you know a bit about these wonderful reptiles prior to going down to your local pet store or ordering one online. By the way, the gecko in the commercials is actually a Day Gecko. There are other types of geckos as well.  First and foremost, you should learn how to properly handle your new pet. It’s not only fair to the animal; it will also make for a far better experience for you and or you and your family.

The very first thing you need to know is that geckos often drop their tails. That means their tails tend to break off. It is actually a self defense mechanism when they feel fear and need to escape. In essence, the tail drops off which diverts attention as the reptile escapes. The tail may or may not grow back depending on the type of gecko. For example, Crested Geckos tails cannot grow back once they drop it. Did you know that a tailless gecko is known as a frog butt gecko? The good news is that Leopard Geckos tails do grow back. However, they may grow back shorter and fatter.

In fact, Leopard Geckos store their nutrients in their tails. The bottom line is that you need to be incredibly gentile when holding a gecko. You should also keep small children and other pets away from them. In addition, geckos should not be held for long periods of time because they don’t really like being held. They actually prefer to be alone. That means you should never house them with another gecko. Although you may think that they would enjoy the company, it actually causes them a great deal of stress. In order to properly take care of your pet gecko you need to provide them with an environment as free of stress as possible.

In essence, it’s important to ensure that geckos are as safe and comfortable as possible in their habitat. Since geckos like to hide, you should include plenty of hiding spots in their living space. Obviously you should never grab a gecko by the tail. If you do the gecko can easily drop their tail. Your best bet is to only touch them with one or two fingers. We’ll leave you with this interesting fact; When geckos become stressed they can remain stressed and even drop their tails the next day!

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