Over the centuries snakes have really gotten a bad rap for being mean creatures who only want to hide in the tall grass and bite anyone or anything that comes their way. Truth is, that they really are gentile creatures who just want to be left alone. It is truly understandable that humanity would fear something that is potentially venomous and can kill you with just one bite but the more you know about these amazing reptiles the more you can come to understand how truly fascinating and amazing they are as a species.

World Snake Day was created to spread awareness about these these beautiful but misunderstood creatures, and is celebrated by snake enthusiasts around the world. A very important contribution world snake day has is that of conservation education and awareness.

Snakes live on every continent in the world except for Antarctica.  Their sizes can vary from 32 feet long pythons to the tiniest of vine snakes. Despite popular belief that all snakes are venomous, only about one-fourth of all snakes in the world are actually venomous. Snakes prefer to be left alone and they do not seek out humans to bite or kill for fun. Most snake bites occur when humans come in contact with them accidentally in the wild.

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