13321869_814893448646825_731388861777798424_n-smileWe completely understand your concern. While we have definitely encountered those that are afraid and hesitant to touch or get close to the reptiles, we never …ever approach anyone with a reptile who is afraid, we always give them as much space as they need.

We are happy to say that even those who are afraid at first, 99% of the time, end up not only touching but holding even some of our larger reptiles. You would be amazed at how comfortable they become once they learn a bit about them. We always start off with smaller reptiles then work our way up so this gives them the chance to get acclimated with them as we go.

I must admit my favorite thing about what we do is seeing those that are afraid holding and loving a reptile while getting their photo taken with a huge smile! For the birthday kids, even if they are afraid to hold them we always find a way to include them, we even have a magic wand and they get to be a magician and make a snake grow!